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Profitez de -25% de remise sur 180+ parquets Voilà le printemps - Jusqu’au vendredi 30 avril!

LG Hausys Harmony Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LG Hausys are dedicated to complete satisfaction. That’s why their flagship designer Harmony LVT collection is engineered using the latest technologies and advanced craftsmanship. Each tile boasts a 5-layer composition for heightened durability, including a high-quality aesthetic layer and embossed 0.55mm wear layer. Alongside Floorscore and DIBt certification with every product, LG Hausys promises low maintenance, easy installation, and resistance to humidity and moisture. As a result, Harmony tiles are perfect for any room within your home.

The Benefits

Harmony luxury vinyl flooring is constructed with visual and tactile excellence in mind. On the surface, registered embossing is utilised for enhanced realism, matching the grains and undulations featured on the photorealistic aesthetic layer below. For added definition, each tile includes a 4v bevel, allowing for individualistic personality and character. Harmony LVT also proves easy to glue down, retaining its structural integrity for years to come. As a guarantee of unfaltering standards, Harmony LVT comes with a 30 year residential warranty, giving you peace of mind with every step.

The Choice

We proudly share LG Hausys passion for outstanding design and practicality, which is why we stock a wide range of their luxury vinyl tiles. Whether you love wood or stone, you’re sure to find something that takes your interior to the next level.

Alongside a bespoke range of tile effects, our stock offers a variety of styles, shades, and tile dimensions, giving you unlimited freedom of choice. Want to keep your new flooring looking and feeling fresh? Check out our collection of LVT accessories, and make maintenance easy.

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