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Sol PVC commercial et sol PVC commercial pas cher

Our impressive collection of commercial vinyl flooring has been expertly curated for its astounding durability and bespoke aesthetic. No matter what type of establishment you own, our commercial flooring is up to the test. Each product utilises the latest technologies and design innovation to deliver an enduring performance that never fails to tackle heavy footfall and high impact. Alongside enhanced functionality, our vinyl flooring exhibits high resolution tile effects in photorealistic detail. As a result, our flooring will prove incredibly practical, and look attractive while doing so.

The Benefits

Vinyl flooring is fast becoming a favourite choice amongst commercial property owners for its dimensional stability, versatility, and low maintenance. The flawless surface is composed of an extra thick wear layer to pacify scratches and scuffs underfoot. Vinyl flooring is also naturally stain and slip resistant, and proves easy to clean with minimal care or equipment. Our commercial vinyl flooring boasts the durability of high-ticket, traditional flooring solutions whilst remaining at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, vinyl flooring is easy to fit, removing the need for extensive subfloor preparation and fitting materials. This reduces labour, costs, and time, so your renovation can go as smoothly as possible.

The Choice

No matter what your commercial needs, we’ve got something to satisfy you. We stock an extensive range of vinyl flooring, giving you freedom of choice like no other. Whether you’re looking for welcoming wood, subtle stone, or amazing abstract effects, we’re confident that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

Alongside a variety of tile effects, our collection of commercial vinyl flooring comes in a selection of shades, styles, and dimensions, so you can meet your exact specifications quickly and with ease. Don’t forget, many of our products come with next day delivery. Order yours today, and get a head start on your latest renovation project!

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