Voilà le printemps - Profitez de -25% de remise sur 180+ parquets > Jusqu’au vendredi 30 avril!
Profitez de -25% de remise sur 180+ parquets Voilà le printemps - Jusqu’au vendredi 30 avril!

Parquet vinyle blanc

If you’re looking to create a crisp, clean aesthetic that’s equal parts contemporary and classic, you’ve found a perfect match with white vinyl flooring. Each tile delivers pristine visual results with every-day practicality to match. Constructed from high quality PVC, our vinyl flooring proves resistant to scratches and scuffs in high traffic areas, and remains easy to clean with minimal maintenance equipment. Whether installed in bathrooms, kitchens, or above underfloor heating, you can rest assured that you’ll receive enduring performance that lasts for years to come.

The Benefits

Many homeowners worry that white flooring will be susceptible to visible damages, easily showing dirt from daily footfall. However, LVT prevents unsightly marks from appearing on the surface. Using a combination of precise craftsmanship, innovative design, and modern flooring technology, each tile is guarded by a specially designed coating that’s naturally resistant to stains and other spillages. This ensures that your white vinyl flooring looks flawless for the entirety of its lifespan. In addition, the technically progressive construction of LVT allows for stability in heat and direct sunlight, and 100% waterproofing in any level of moisture presence. Each tile also demonstrates exceptional light reflecting properties, creating the illusion of more space. This is a great addition to smaller rooms and low ceilinged areas alike.

The Choice

We love to cater to your every need, which is why we tailor our flooring to meet a broad range of needs. Our white vinyl flooring is no exception, and is available in a range of tile effects. Whether you need the definition of stone, the charm of wood, or the patterns of abstract flooring, our LVT replicates the intricate characteristics of natural materials in high definition.

In order to deliver consistently high quality products, our collection of luxury vinyl tiles has been expertly curated from only the best leading brands. Each LVT product is also available in a variety of shades, styles, and dimensions, giving you even more choice when making your purchase.

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