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Profitez de -25% de remise sur 180+ parquets Voilà le printemps - Jusqu’au vendredi 30 avril!

Quickstep Impressive Patterns Laminate Flooring

Are you in the mood to add a touch of character to your interior? Then look no further. Our Quick Step Impressive Patterned Laminate collection offers stunning , unique patterns that present a convincing imitation of real wood’s natural elegance. After all, what better way to enhance your interior with a snazzy new floor?

Quick Step Impressive Patterned Laminate comes in two different patterns, chevron and diamond, both of which will create a striking statement and really give the wow factor. Both of which are very trendy, the best thing is you can create both these patterns with the same planks. The diamond arrangement is popular in grand, rich homes whereas the chevron presents a modern clean-cut look.

If you have laminate in your home, then you’ll know how easy it is to manage with a very easy cleaning routine. Very durable and hard-wearing, with scratch, water and stain resistant properties. This laminate collection is perfect if you enjoy the look of real wood but need something at a cheaper price and easer maintenance.

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